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Federal Reclassification of Marijuana
The Department of Health and Human Services has recommended that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), reschedule Marijuana from a Scheduled I Controlled Substance down to a Scheduled III Controlled Substance. The DEA is now conducting its own review of reclassification. Rescheduling Marijuana would have an affect on the taxes Cannabis businesses have to pay and advocates say that it would be an acknowledgement by the Federal Government that Cannabis has legitimate uses.
Bloomberg Publication

Safe Banking

Safe Banking with Marijuana
The Safe Banking Act is a proposed legislation aimed at allowing banks to do business with cannabis companies operating legally within states that have legalized marijuana. The Act would prohibit federal regulators from punishing financial institutions for providing services to cannabis companies, their owners, and employees.


Shifting the Narrative - Cannabis & Wellness
Cannabis Sativa has a long history of being used for medicinal purposes. The renewed interest in the therapeutic effects of cannabis offers a healthier alternative for patients who suffer from conditions that require many different pharmaceutical drugs, that often come with a host of extremely detrimental side effects. Cannabis has been used to treat a variety of conditions, such as…
• Chronic Pain
• Spasticity associated with Multiple Sclerosis
• Nausea
• Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
• Cancer Epilepsy
• Cachexia
• Glaucoma
• Cancer
• Degenerative Neurological Conditions
National Library of Medicine

Which States have legalized Marijuana & When?
Reference: MJBizDaily- Updated as of August 2023

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The Decriminalization of Marijuana usually results in the removal of criminal penalties and/or the possibility of incarceration for low-level marijuana offenses. Several States have also opted to implement policies that would expunge past low-level marijuana offenses.

States that have taken the steps to DE-criminalize marijuana.

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Reference- Wikipedia- Legality of Cannabis by jurisdiction.

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Mission Statement:

The United States CannaBusiness Chamber of Commerce (USCBCC) serves as the nation’s sole organization responsible for synthesizing, educating, building and advancing the business of cannabis through the lens of social equity, health, financial wellness and business-to-business collaboration, globally.

The USCBCC assists veteran, minority and female-owned cannabis businesses as well as legacy entrepreneurs through a unique platform of resources tailored to foster economic growth and opportunity.

The USCBCC seeks to build bridges between the emerging cannabis industry and established commercial institutions in the space. The United States CannaBusiness Chamber of Commerce represents and supports the collective interests of its members and state actors seeking to establish, expand, maximize and improve their cannabis- related ventures in accordance with all ethical, legal and legislative considerations.

Vision Statement:

The United States CannaBusiness Chamber of Commerce is the vanguard organization within the cannabis industry, giving voice to the needs of farmers, manufacturers, promoters, medical practitioners, educators and business owners. The USCBCC seeks to raise awareness about the health and wellness benefits of cannabis and highlight gains made within the industry. We offer a host of opportunities to support the broader market in creating inclusive social equity provisions in alignment with diverse business models.

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